Saturday, March 5, 2011

i found out something very interesting yesterday, those that dont know im expecting my Rainbow baby now and  im 19 weeks , but my specailist sent me to get some blood work done to see if i will develope HELLP syndrom and possibly pre e again. So yesterday im on my way to get the labs done and i start to read the orders " Lupis Anticoagulant" and another one i wont even atempt to spell wrong ...well reading lupis i kinda freaked out and went and googled it, turns out a small % of people who carry these antibodie will get lupis but everyone who has lupis carrys them... Then treatment is easy while pregnant, heperine, so there im comfortable. But it also said many times it goes undiagnosed in  THOSE THAT CANT CARRY TO TERM RESULTING IN MULTIPLE MISSCARRIGES.  i found this very interesting after being on all these sites and the fact this is my 4th pregnancy and ive had 2 miscarriges that im aware of, and a 25 weeker. Could it be this whole time its because i carry this crazy antibody.

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