Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adding on, Family of 5

Its been a long time since Ive stopped here. A lot has changed too! 4 weeks ago we welcomed a healthy little boy into the world. I have learned being a mom to 2 children in the house at once is EXPONENTIALLY harder particularly when there are a mere 14 months apart. Colton had just started to sleep through the night before Reed arrived thank God! The poor guy just doesn't know what to think though! My DH schedule completely flipped as did mine right before the birth, and it is still changing. I have been blessed with my mother in law staying with us for about a week, while I was recovering from surgery. Followed by my brother (who is 9 years younger than I am) staying for the last 3 weeks, to help lift Colton and keep things slightly less overwhelming. But now I am on my own... Ok not right now, Colton spent the weekend at great grandpas. But this next week. Have I mentioned that at 2 weeks post op I decided to put Colton in extensive swim lessons that he goes to everyday for 10 Min's. Just thinking of it gives me anxiety. But this is coming on his 4th week so not too much longer. So any ways I have learned so things on this last and final kid I have embarked to raise, and thought maybe some of them we funny.

Things I have learned with adding a second child to the mix~

- Breastfeeding is hard- Really hard with an active 1 year old.

-Pumping is harder! To schedule the time to pump after an hour plus long breast feeding session is nearly impossible.

_ Pee when you walk past a bathroom, I think I went yesterday until noon with out peeing because there were more pressing things to remember, oh and don't forget to grab the 1 year old so you don't come out of the bathroom to find he is shoving A Binky in his brother eye.

-Having 2 kids is the best diet plan EVER~ I only have 5 min intervals to eat before someone is crying to eat or done so he decides to through his food on the freshly mopped floor.

- 2 kids promotes cleaning more frequently, mini work out sessions as i like to call them! ( its probably because i cant control much anymore, but these mini cleaning sessions do not result in an immaculate house by any means. just an area the is picked up for all of 2 Min's. )

- (If there is silence leave the TV off, because it will not last long. but soak up those precious minutes to say ahh, oh and google at the precious little ones.

- When in doubt stop what you are doing and get on the floor and make someone laugh. ( I keep trying to make Reed laugh but all I'm getting is gas smiles :)  He needs to get with the program though, nothing warms my heart more than a kids laugh)

- Wear shorts with pockets, each side containing a Bink, you will loose the one you thought they had... Have back up, for the car ride or you might go insane due to the kids feeding off each other screams. I honestly think Colton is making fun of Reed when he is crying, which in turn makes him cry louder.

- I have learned Pandora, Barney, and Mickey are all my best friends at the moment, and all trump my prime time favs.

And lets just make this an even Top 10 list....

- When its chaotic, repeat to yourself this wont last for long, because it really wont, and remember that these kids deserve the world. They deserve to smile and have the best childhood EVER and they are always learning and really is there anything better than to watch a kid learn a new skill or word? Nope didn't think so!

I love being a Mom, especially when I think back to Colton barking at the dog, or calling every bird a duck, watching him figure out the world and how much he love to make everyone laugh. This my friends is why I love my kids to watch them learn. I don't want to miss a second of it either,. No matter how crazy I feel, or overwhelmed or any of it just hearing that little boy laugh makes it all just shed away!