Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lets start at the very begining, a very good place to start.

At 12:12 Am, Corol Jade was born into this world. Due to the fact, as all children at one point or another do, she tryed to kill me. I had severe Pre-e and HELLP syndrom. i was 25 weeks along in my horrible pregnancy from day one with her. And very suddenly she was born weighing a mere, 1 pnd 4 ozs.
my poor husband expalins the experience something like; first the doctor told me to look at her, but not back at you ( me), so of coarse you tell a man not to look down he looks, only to see first his daughter that resembled a blue frog, and me with my "guts" on my chest. 

Our amazing doctor for Corol, he was the head neonatologist over all of NICU! im convinced if he was our doctor we would of lost Corol then. her first apgar reading was a 2 then after intabation at a few mins a 5....the final was an8. i was def in a haze. i just remember they kept telling me shes "stable" and the her lungs were developed...i was like this is Great! stable to me was in great condition ready to go home! lung developed Wow a miracle that shot yall gave me really worked! HAHA...Stable is an EVIL little word all ICU's use to say well your kid/husband/whatever isn't exactly dieing at the moment. this took me a long time to relieze. i later found out Dr. A told Dj there was 80% chance she wouldN"T live. i also found out this statistic went up, after a day then a week, then a month, and then "once they get released chances are slim to none they will be alive forever." this i guess i just put to much faith in but thats for later too. I didnt know a lot about how NICU worked. and it wasnt till my mom came a few days later i got to go see Corol even though i was calling religously i had no idea i could ask the nurses to take me down, all things i now know to do differently. gosh those first sights of her, and the nurses changing her diaper they were pros, her tiny frog like body, and those itty bitty diapers. and the cords. i forget about the cords now. I remember showering her first pictures off and people would freak out, after a while you dont see the cords, nor are you scared of them. but the first time it was pretty scarey stuff, she had the tanning lights on her as i called them and her big girly girl sunglasses on ( a little piece of foam no bigger than my finger, that covered her entire face!

The first nurse i spoke with gave me a lot of information that i dont remember any of, and im pretty sure i didnt remeber as soon as i went back up stairs. but she said they didnt know what Corols name was so they were calling her Spicey, since she had self extabated several times at just a few days old. and she also told us a little bit about miss Corol and how most babies were pretty dosil at this point in the nicu, not my Corol.
i leave off here as theres not much remarkable for the first month except praying for poop and to eventually eat. ill add more in the Am