Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adding on, Family of 5

Its been a long time since Ive stopped here. A lot has changed too! 4 weeks ago we welcomed a healthy little boy into the world. I have learned being a mom to 2 children in the house at once is EXPONENTIALLY harder particularly when there are a mere 14 months apart. Colton had just started to sleep through the night before Reed arrived thank God! The poor guy just doesn't know what to think though! My DH schedule completely flipped as did mine right before the birth, and it is still changing. I have been blessed with my mother in law staying with us for about a week, while I was recovering from surgery. Followed by my brother (who is 9 years younger than I am) staying for the last 3 weeks, to help lift Colton and keep things slightly less overwhelming. But now I am on my own... Ok not right now, Colton spent the weekend at great grandpas. But this next week. Have I mentioned that at 2 weeks post op I decided to put Colton in extensive swim lessons that he goes to everyday for 10 Min's. Just thinking of it gives me anxiety. But this is coming on his 4th week so not too much longer. So any ways I have learned so things on this last and final kid I have embarked to raise, and thought maybe some of them we funny.

Things I have learned with adding a second child to the mix~

- Breastfeeding is hard- Really hard with an active 1 year old.

-Pumping is harder! To schedule the time to pump after an hour plus long breast feeding session is nearly impossible.

_ Pee when you walk past a bathroom, I think I went yesterday until noon with out peeing because there were more pressing things to remember, oh and don't forget to grab the 1 year old so you don't come out of the bathroom to find he is shoving A Binky in his brother eye.

-Having 2 kids is the best diet plan EVER~ I only have 5 min intervals to eat before someone is crying to eat or done so he decides to through his food on the freshly mopped floor.

- 2 kids promotes cleaning more frequently, mini work out sessions as i like to call them! ( its probably because i cant control much anymore, but these mini cleaning sessions do not result in an immaculate house by any means. just an area the is picked up for all of 2 Min's. )

- (If there is silence leave the TV off, because it will not last long. but soak up those precious minutes to say ahh, oh and google at the precious little ones.

- When in doubt stop what you are doing and get on the floor and make someone laugh. ( I keep trying to make Reed laugh but all I'm getting is gas smiles :)  He needs to get with the program though, nothing warms my heart more than a kids laugh)

- Wear shorts with pockets, each side containing a Bink, you will loose the one you thought they had... Have back up, for the car ride or you might go insane due to the kids feeding off each other screams. I honestly think Colton is making fun of Reed when he is crying, which in turn makes him cry louder.

- I have learned Pandora, Barney, and Mickey are all my best friends at the moment, and all trump my prime time favs.

And lets just make this an even Top 10 list....

- When its chaotic, repeat to yourself this wont last for long, because it really wont, and remember that these kids deserve the world. They deserve to smile and have the best childhood EVER and they are always learning and really is there anything better than to watch a kid learn a new skill or word? Nope didn't think so!

I love being a Mom, especially when I think back to Colton barking at the dog, or calling every bird a duck, watching him figure out the world and how much he love to make everyone laugh. This my friends is why I love my kids to watch them learn. I don't want to miss a second of it either,. No matter how crazy I feel, or overwhelmed or any of it just hearing that little boy laugh makes it all just shed away!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its been a while! Twilight, Baby,

Ok, So , I know I have so much to say first ill do the lite hearted part :) 
     Since the baby has been home I was brought the first Twilight book to try to read... I like the movies ( they put me to sleep when im having issues lol) but i always felt like i was missing something BIG when it came to Jacob and Bella's story, it feels like in the movies all of a sudden she goes from obsessing over Edward to saying I love you to Jacob. The last book i was able to really read was the Harry Potter series. and that was a few years ago, i must admit i haven't found anything that has drug me in. I have received several grief books though and i want to read them, but i don't want to be sad. So i will get there. Any-who, my ...aunt-in-law (i guess) came over and i had happened to put on the twilight movie for back ground noise and found out her view on the movie verses the book, i told her that i felt like i was truly missing something, huge, and might be interested in reading the book, SOMEDAY, haha... well she then brought me the first book this was 2 weeks ago,i tried to start it but as most books go the start was putting me to sleep. not to mention i had a very new born in the house. I told my therapist it must just be a horrible time to start a book since when ever i did read i passed right out. She reminded me that i needed that since i have troubles sleeping... DING Ding DING  light-bulb haha so i started to read.. and then it became obsessive i would get upset for falling asleep. i probably fully got into reading it Thursday of last week. And i finished the first book tonight, tomorrow i have the second book coming i finished a day early for my plans :) Wow i was right, mind you the first book doesn't get too much into the Jacob character but her flirting and such that i hadn't i guess understood from the movie. the details were fabulous though. i guess so much that the actors tried to portray threw their eyes was fully explained.. Loved it! I cant wait to start the next book! Reading has pulled me away from this horrible beast called technology... I haven't been on the computer hardly at all. And i have to re-watch my tv shows and FORCE myself to pay attention since my mind wonders into this fictional world.  I can say i am VERY happy that i watched the movies before reading the book though, i would be soo  disappointed by the movie, but since i did it in reverse i feel its made it easier for me to connect things, for a first book to get back into reading having the characters all in my head all ready did good for me!
     Nextly I guess i should start and say, Yup obviously Im no longer pregnant ( havent you been reading :) !!) On 7-7, by scheduled C Section baby boy CJ was born! i got there ( to the hospital ) at about 4:45 am , went and by 7 they were walking me to OR, to get my spinal block done. I vaguely remember when i got my spinal done for Corol. but they didnt do it in the OR... So they had me sit on the edge of this ITTY BITTY gurney i honestly couldnt forsee my fat ass fitting on this table. but they had the table about 4 feet in the air i had to use a step stool to get on and my feet unconfortably hanging, and i assumed the position hunched over to expose my spine the best that i could with this basketball baby on me, and my neck problems. The guy kept say to push into him, so i did, for 45 mins! i pushed against him for so long when i tried to push harder my muscles SHOOK you know like if you hold a push up for to long. the guy poked me SO many times , now ive have had epidurals done for back pain about 2 years ago the last one finally worked. and this guy was hitting my BONES and making me JUMP finally towards the end of his 45 min run of poking me and breaking a needle in my back, he started to ask where i was feeling him poke.. he kept asking if it was on my left side i was just like UMM NOOO its about as FAR right as possible, any further to the right and hed be in my kidney! (ok slight exaggeration but you get it) So i was so embarrassed right my Wonderful Dr whom has caudaled me through this pregnancy was in the room watching waiting, this is after he had told me he had a delivery at 3 am and was Exhausted ... :/ so they bring in the next guy to do the block 2 trys and he was in, whew i should of gave up trying a while before. So while im on the table im totally calm, it was a GREAT experience, when i started to feel nausous i told the anesthesiologist and he gave me something and i was able to laugh and talk to Dj the entire time! The worst part of that was probably when i could SMELL them cutting me... Now i know what Dj was talking about when he said C sections STINK!
    WHile i was in recovery they brought me little Colt, they said his blood sugar was low so i needed to breastfeed right then within 10 mins ... so there i was trying to manipulate my newborn baby with an iv draped across me in one are and the next had a BP cuff going off every 5 mins. i was needless to say frustrated. i gave up and was just like give him a bottle. well i think all the futzing around with him stressed him out some because next thing i knew they came to me saying he was breathing quickly and was headed down to NICU to be watched... Ok , i had prepared myself for this. and i was totally OK. Then 7 pm comes and im greeted by 2 nurses, my nurse, and the Neonatologist. Telling me Colton has had a SIEZURE, they wernt sure what happened exactly but were glad they all were right by him working on another baby when it had happened. then they said that they were thinking he had a brain bleed. thats when i became UNGLUED. i was histericle in all sense of the word. All that was going through my head was im really going to lose both my babies to brain bleeds. what did i do SO wrong in this life! when Dj took me down to see him with his Cpap on i became histericle again!. I just could NOT hold it together. I was so calm and collected with Corol. but here i was needing my husband to litterally Hold me up. Hes great BTW. So ill get into the Nicu stuff some other day, no need to get all mad now. ill just say after fighting them he came home with in 8 days. 
  Hes now almosst 4 weeks old :) were geting into a rutine, hes totally different from Corol. i was very blessed with her. Hes very Clingy. and he has reflux,  which makes him fussy, i finally got a brest shield and was able to get him to stay on the boob, he was breastfeeding most night feedings, but he was starting to want to eat every 1.5 hrs and still throwing up ALOT, i decided to try to add formula to his bottle feeds ( and we switched bottles to the BreastFlow) and he was doing better in between feeds but still throwing up! 24 hrs ago i started him on Similac Senistive its suposed to be similar to Soy, ( i hate soy so i wanted to try this one before jumping from a milk based formula) and in 24 hrs he has be 20times calmer,.. my plan is to try to limit my dairy intake ( cheese is very hard for me to exclude though) and to reintroduce some of my milk slowly after 3 days... that way i can try to get him back to the breast as quickly as possible...if possible. Ive only had one freak out moment with him, he features are similar to Corols exceot his head is a defferent shape so he does always look like her but sometimes he does. i had him in the bassinet next to my bed, and well when id walk past it, at times when he was straight on his back.. he looks like coroldid in her Coffin.. luckily i can slide him his side and it changes his face a where i can atleast not get sad... All around hes been such a blessing to have.. i love him soo much and he does make me happy. even if i dont get to sleep :) 
Ok well i wsa going to tell you about our trip to orlando but didnt relieze how chatty i was tonight , so those of you that made it this far Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Im so torn right now... As a teen i was so outspoken i was loud and proud so to speak i didnt CARE what you had to say about me i was who i was. then i slipped into a few abusive relationships and in the process learned to tread lightly not state oppionons or to even form them. i didnt like who i had become in that though. and i think with Corol passing away has giving me, not streangth but, the power to not care, sorta. So slowly in the past few months ive gotten passionate about certain topics. expressed my views, lost most of my friends.
i mean were we really friends, what is a friend. Can you be friends when you parent so differently. my life was about my kid, and will soon be back to that. if i cant get along with the way you parent, do we go our own ways? or is it if your friends you see threw these differences. do i need to conform so much, just throw our beilfs and feelings in order to have someones company. is that company worth it?
i am to a point now i feel so secluded, so alone. while i was dealing with my feelings of corol i lost everyone close to me. i mean i have some friends that i truely enjoy there company. its just so hard to talk to these people with there lives being so busy, i just feel , left out sometimes... i want them to call me and be like hey were comming over or come over... i dont get that anymore, from anyone. i feel like im begging for people to hang out with me... i shouldnt feel this way. ive totally reclused to this online since of friends. but there just as far away as my friends on the opposite side of the county. ive tryed to reach out and feel ignored by so many. i dont think this is there intention, or maybe it is. maybe they dont agree with the way i parent.
Is that what friendships evolve to once your parents. its not about your ideals but what kind of kids you want you kids around, skrew how you feel about this person... how do i find that if thats the case.
i guess i should be happy i have my husband, and this blog to vent about him. lol. how else will i get through this.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Soo, since ive started having my flashbacks from the accident i just cant get into the thought of there being ghosts.. not that ive changed my stance on there existance, more of a i just dont want to know. because then i start to think about the what if Corol is stuck out on the street in NC where no one that knows her will ever see her again. or in that hospital, that i will never set foot in again. which is all very hard for me to wrap my head around and breaks my heart because i know as her mother she was NOT in her body when i said goodbye. Well me and the DH always used to watch ghost hunters and ghost adventures and so on and so forth. we really enjoyed the shows. last night i guess a new episode was coming on, he came in the room and turned it on, i asked him to change it, he asked why...all i could choke out was my brain. i really didnt want my brain to start up since, i have been having a pretty nice run of sleeping schedual. well he said i was on my computer and not paying attention so it didnt matter. he did change it once i closed the computer but it really bothered me, and of coarse one of the images, a ghostly looking child. Well guess who had night mares all night and has been wide awake since 3. i just cant get over these images flashing through my head, some so vivid , however i cant seem to put them into words.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Daughters a Hero!

My Daughter was able to donate 3 of her organs after they pronounced her brain dead. I was very adamant that they try, but wasnt sure if they'd be able to since she was a preemie and sometimes preemie organs just arnt in that good of condition. I remember the moment they told us they called her life to be finished, i knew it was coming, some of you might remember i actually called it on FB the night before. But as soon as i could get words out of my mouth they were," You didn't pull her off the machines did you? " i said she needs to try to be a donor. They of coarse re assured me that they do not shut off machines with out consent or anything like that... i guess i had just figured once the give up hope why leave on the machine. but i was very happy to find out that's not how it all worked. Afterwards i knew in my heart i wanted to be able to correspond and hopefully be apart of these children's lives one day. Never did i think about how heart wrenching it would be. I'm glad i made the steps to do this before my brain shut down completely i was just on auto pilot. We have received several Medals and certificates in Honor of Corol. these all touch me to the core. Ill never forget the feeling i had when i got the first letter from the donor services, it was giving us our first update on the families. they informed us the Corols Heart went to a 1 year old. Her Liver went to a 10 month old and Her Kidneys went to a 28 year old male... This was astonishing to me, how could her tiny little kidneys help this much larger male. Well, it took me months to get up the courage, or right words to write these families about our story. Every time i sat down to write i was histerical and all that could come out was something to the extent of hows my dead daughters organs working for you...which i knew was very hateful and not appropriate, but that's the only sentence i could form. Finally I realized to start at the beginning, so i wrote about Corols hard start to life, and her "Spicy" attitude. I wrote about her love for life and what a good little girl she really was. I wrote i little about her end, and how much it meant to me for her to hopefully make a difference in there lives. and i pleaded for them to tell me about there story's. The other day my DH got a phone call from the Donor Services explaining there were some language barriers, but that the grandma of the liver donor did speak some English and did write back but it was a little hard to read...they also had to translate my original letter in Spanish for them. This actually excited me because Ive been learning Spanish and while i might not be able to speak on a phone with a native speaker yet, i can write and read it with ease. So i told this bit of information for the future. Well today the DH took me to Checkers to i could get a yummy shake, and boy am i glad i had that comfort. in the mail when we got home was the letter and picture from the Grandma. This little girl actually had on a dress similar to one Corol wore often. and she was all Smiles. The grandma explained how sick this little 10 month old (at the time) was. and that they had basically sent them home for the last time to more or less die. 5 days later the call came in to go get the transplant surgery done. If I'm not mistaken, the day they send her home was the same day of the accident. She explained that this baby is now 17 mos old and the happiest baby ever, always smiling and hasn't been sick since. This touched me in so many ways, i wanted more i wanted to ask questions and get answers. NOW. I don't know how this has made me feel. Yes I'm in tears, I'm partly sad but partly happy. I just don't know. This is a very confusing feeling i have inside me now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lets start at the very begining, a very good place to start.

At 12:12 Am, Corol Jade was born into this world. Due to the fact, as all children at one point or another do, she tryed to kill me. I had severe Pre-e and HELLP syndrom. i was 25 weeks along in my horrible pregnancy from day one with her. And very suddenly she was born weighing a mere, 1 pnd 4 ozs.
my poor husband expalins the experience something like; first the doctor told me to look at her, but not back at you ( me), so of coarse you tell a man not to look down he looks, only to see first his daughter that resembled a blue frog, and me with my "guts" on my chest. 

Our amazing doctor for Corol, he was the head neonatologist over all of NICU! im convinced if he was our doctor we would of lost Corol then. her first apgar reading was a 2 then after intabation at a few mins a 5....the final was an8. i was def in a haze. i just remember they kept telling me shes "stable" and the her lungs were developed...i was like this is Great! stable to me was in great condition ready to go home! lung developed Wow a miracle that shot yall gave me really worked! HAHA...Stable is an EVIL little word all ICU's use to say well your kid/husband/whatever isn't exactly dieing at the moment. this took me a long time to relieze. i later found out Dr. A told Dj there was 80% chance she wouldN"T live. i also found out this statistic went up, after a day then a week, then a month, and then "once they get released chances are slim to none they will be alive forever." this i guess i just put to much faith in but thats for later too. I didnt know a lot about how NICU worked. and it wasnt till my mom came a few days later i got to go see Corol even though i was calling religously i had no idea i could ask the nurses to take me down, all things i now know to do differently. gosh those first sights of her, and the nurses changing her diaper they were pros, her tiny frog like body, and those itty bitty diapers. and the cords. i forget about the cords now. I remember showering her first pictures off and people would freak out, after a while you dont see the cords, nor are you scared of them. but the first time it was pretty scarey stuff, she had the tanning lights on her as i called them and her big girly girl sunglasses on ( a little piece of foam no bigger than my finger, that covered her entire face!

The first nurse i spoke with gave me a lot of information that i dont remember any of, and im pretty sure i didnt remeber as soon as i went back up stairs. but she said they didnt know what Corols name was so they were calling her Spicey, since she had self extabated several times at just a few days old. and she also told us a little bit about miss Corol and how most babies were pretty dosil at this point in the nicu, not my Corol.
i leave off here as theres not much remarkable for the first month except praying for poop and to eventually eat. ill add more in the Am

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is Our Story

Dj came into my life just when i needed him to be. It's kind of ironic i guess thats the way i had alway pictured my stroy to start. i guess it just takes me a while to piece it all together, like a puzzel but the pieces are at times to heavy for me to put together on my own. Recently i saw someone from a far someone from my past, it made me start to think of our last time seeing each other...and it just so happened that i think i said one of my coolest lines ever. yes EVER, im not a girl of cool words either so i will probably pat myself on my back for a long time for this one. let me think how do i some up my mess of a dateing scene to get to Us. I didnt start to seriously date till i was 16 that was James, James was broken from a previous girlfriend...hmm i seem to like broken guys. we actually seriously dated for 3.5 years til he decided to start acusing me of sleeping around and getting super paranoid. he also commited some well adutous acts of his own that probably scarred me for life. from him i ran to at the time my best guy friend, Mitch. we dated seriously for a ear then i think ill just asay i was chasing a dream because he had one foot in my door and his other 5 feet somewhere else. He was fun , till i had the tittle of being his girlfriend. then the verbal abuse started. where once he was the one to make me feel like i was a million bucks, i then was made to be so degraded. and he would then use the lines that used to make me feel pretty, skinny, worth something..on girls in front of me. i think i was addicted to the way he had once made me feel, and i chased that for a long time. a lot longer than what i should of. Now i met dj as i was wheening myself off of mitch. i was becomeing very independant again and going back to my roots. i had started to fish, i loved it so much it just was so peaceful. i ventured off of charted teritory and started going to random docks. i ended up a castaway a lot it was peacful and not a lot of people there. One day this guy came out and we started chatting, i told him way to much about my horrible personal story but he was kind and listen and even as it rained we stayed and chatted. before we left ill never forget the words he said to me, it was i have this friend youll love him, hes been to jail too. HA i laughed SO hard at this i told him really i had NO desire to meet a guy i was really enjoying my new found indepndance and regaining any self esteam that had once been so strong in me. well shorty after this meeting i ran into the 2 of them, dj wasnt kind, or my type, he was though very funny and quick with our meetings i would tell him to get the beer and id get the bait. as i was still underage. But we had a lot of fun nights out fishing till god knows when. Then my past had caught up withme and i had to serve my time, dj actually took me to court an hour away. poor thing my truck broke down on him on the way back home. He was the only one that wrote me, the entire time i was there. i was lucky and got to go into a work release program though and did meet a guy. Justin, aka the BIGGEST POS i know to date. Also in this time my dad passed away. Justin i met in work release he lied his way into my heart, i now know all ever did was lie. i guess i thought if i knew i was going to change and was saying it allowed why the hell would anyone lie about it. as the first time i had went to jail i didnt lie i knew i was going to get out and use again i was almost proud of it. just as i was proud to say i had no intentions of ever useing again. well he would continusly steel my truck and credit card... put my in danger while on house arrest. told some crack heads they were free to roam my house. of beat the shit out of me while i was pregnant. Thank God for that, the second he punched me in the stomach i thanked him for saveing me money. i would find needles all over and just horrible things i wish i had the balls at the time to tell my officer just take me back to jail. but i was to proud as everyone had warned me about what a pos he was. any who the day they shut off my ankle bracelet i drove home actually i was hitting the county line the same min it was turned off i had to go back the next am to get it cut off of me. at that point i got a job in town and started to talk to dj again. asnd james. james was always kind and i didnt see him sexually anymore because he had made some very rude comments about my weight and being sober. one night i was killing time waiting for dj to call me so i went over to james's house to have a beer or two. while sitting there dj finally texted me at like 10 or so it was pretty late. james and his roommate wanted me to stay and play some drinking games. and this is the last conversation i ever had with james.
James--stay itll be a good time
me- Nah im just going to go n hang out with dj
James's roomate-- what are you in love with this guy or something
James-- yeah what do you think your going to get married.
me-- you know i might just be...maybe.
and with that i got into my truck and drove straight to djs, never saw any of them again. the epic part of that night was me reliezeing i really had feelings for dj, but of coarse i couldnt tell him this. however it was only a week or 2 later that he told me -- you know your my girlfriend right-- and then a week after that he told me i was moving in with him. a year later is when i got pregnant the first time, he had told me before he wasnt afraid to pay for an abortion. i had handed him a buissness card that the doctor wrote on all it said on it was "pregnant". he trying to be so coy was like what does this mean. i was like what do you think it means, it means im pregnant. i asked him what he wanted to do, as i knew his postion on marrige and what i wanted in life was not to be a baby mama. but i was working at a daycare and defently had baby fever. he told me there was no doubt we were keeping her. it ment the world to me. shortly after he proposed, well sorta...." So when you wanna do this" but i guess that was all i needed. he also had no intentions of haveing a baby mamma. but a wife. we married very quickly but i dont regret a single second of our ups and downs. After Corol passed away i was terrified i would loose him. but you know we actually have grown stronger, hes grown sweeter too. hes a lot more understanding of ,well, my crazyness. a few weeks ago we went to the seafood feastival and just had a blast for the first time in a long time! well i while i was there i saw James from afar. this is what has spent all these words into my brain, ive been trying to figure out how to wqrite it all down. i think our story if very cute. i love that somehow i knew i was ment to leave thsat house and be with dj. i love that i did, and i am with dj now and ,as cheesy as this may be , untill forever. im not sure if its the hormones but every day i look at him i melt all over again. im glad weve grown together on this journey and will continue to grow. i love him very much. ~