Sunday, May 29, 2011


Soo, since ive started having my flashbacks from the accident i just cant get into the thought of there being ghosts.. not that ive changed my stance on there existance, more of a i just dont want to know. because then i start to think about the what if Corol is stuck out on the street in NC where no one that knows her will ever see her again. or in that hospital, that i will never set foot in again. which is all very hard for me to wrap my head around and breaks my heart because i know as her mother she was NOT in her body when i said goodbye. Well me and the DH always used to watch ghost hunters and ghost adventures and so on and so forth. we really enjoyed the shows. last night i guess a new episode was coming on, he came in the room and turned it on, i asked him to change it, he asked why...all i could choke out was my brain. i really didnt want my brain to start up since, i have been having a pretty nice run of sleeping schedual. well he said i was on my computer and not paying attention so it didnt matter. he did change it once i closed the computer but it really bothered me, and of coarse one of the images, a ghostly looking child. Well guess who had night mares all night and has been wide awake since 3. i just cant get over these images flashing through my head, some so vivid , however i cant seem to put them into words.

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