Saturday, February 19, 2011

people can be Amazing

So i branched out today and shared a very hard picture that only the people that went up to NC and a select other few have seen of my little girl, first i shared my fear of why i didnt think anyone needed to see such a thing, that was followed by such an out  pour of love that i quickly decided to share it , and got such NICE comments and SO MUCH love i guess if mothers that saw it did cry i didnt have to consoul them so it made it much easier to do. i got NO negigitive feedback though and that truely surprised me. sometimes its hard for me to be on these sites for grieving because all i hear about is death and babys that have died. it can be sad after a while. it can also be very uplifting in the suport i have around me. like today, today i did cry but they were happy tears. everyone was so incredibly kind. maybe once i tell Corols whole story on here ill be able to share it. but once again i dont want to make anyone sadder than neccisary. I also had someone reach out to help me touch up the pics. now i have some very nicly done images that arnt quite so , umm gory. so my heart thanks everyone that has welcomed these images and have reached out to "hug" me in this complicated life of mine!

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