Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybe i am an Agorophobe....

Ever feel like you avoid freshair? i do it all the time, id prefere to be in my comfy bed with my computer, safe from the world. Well yesterday was a gorgous day, to pretty to pass up. When My DH got home we decided to go fishing niether of us have gone at least not together fishing, btw and this is how we met. So we went it was so nice out watching the dolphin play, and the pelicans pick on the dolphin it was great. i caught more than he did which was shocking with how the river has been lately. The whole time i was flashing back to the last i time i went fishing with our daughter, i showed the curious 2 year old the bucket of shrimp, she held them and tryed to kiss them abnd said "FISSH" then would release them lol. I wanted so badly to share this with my DH on how i kept comming back to this memory, but i just couldnt ruin the perfect day with a happy memory, yet i knew it would spin him into sadness. She should of been there with us. it just doesnt seem vary fair. Anyways, Now i am paying for having a good time, im Soo sunburnt im miserable. it just doesnt seem worth it. we could of had a good time here and not be in pain today right. recently i went to a phyciatrist and they told me im an agorophobe, maybe i am. maybe these thoughts should be my proof.

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